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What I do.

1.Mobile Development

Delivering value on the two most leading platforms Android & iOS.

2.Automation Geek

Because doing repetitive task is a thing of the past.

3.Contributor By Heart

Always seeking opportunities to contribute to Open Source projects.

4.Layout and Mockups

Designing mockups using design principles for the best user experience.


Hi, there! I am Luis and currently working as a Cross-Platform Developer for Charter Communications. In my spare time I enjoy participating in open source projects and coming up with creative mockups/prototypes.

  • Residence: USA. 🇺🇸

Work strategy.


Turning ideas into reality using best practices.


Always putting simplicity first and leaving complexity behind.

Quality Assurance

Meeting deadlines and delivering test coverage whenever possible.

User Experience

Innovating the way people interact with apps.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


  • All
  • Cross-Platform
  • Desktop
  • Android Specific
  • iOS Specific
  • Open Source
  • Mockups

Experience in the corporate world.

Mobile App Developer 2019 - Current Contract

Charter Communications via KForce

Tasked with the responsability of working on the iOS project for the Spectrum Mobile App implementing the business logic, UI work along with accessibility features for users with disabilities.

Mobile App Developer 2018 2019 Contract

VF Corporation via Ettaingroup

Worked in a team that were developing a mobile app for iOS and Android to be used internally in the company by employees to manage their HR options.

Mobile App Developer 2017 - 2018

MVI Systems

Worked in the development of an intercom system along with mobile apps for buildings in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area with features from granting access to the building to reporting illegal subletting to the management company.

Mobile App Developer 2015 - 2017

Megsoft Consulting

Tasked with delivering high-quality and very efficient code, building and testing new features per client’s requests, as well as communicating progress with the team lead and other team members. Expected to meet deadlines for client deliverables and ensuring defects and bugs are quickly found and corrected. Provided software and hardware testing to accomplish this. Participate in the design and deployment of automated tests for various projects.

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My Latest Posts On My Blog and Xamarin Latino.

Prism 7 tabs navigation made simple

03 March 2018

Tabs set up and navigation in Prism can be a lifesaver when there is not so much time to spare and the requirements seem to be piling up. With Prism 7 it got even easier to set up tabs and that's what we are gonna discuss in this post.

Xamarin Forms Behaviors

10 May 2017

Behaviors let you create classes that encapsulate functionality that can be reused in multiple views and because of their nature they are easy to test for unit-testing. All you need to start encapsulating functionality is to inherit from Behavior and specify the type of class you want the behavior to be attached to. All these and more is covered in the post.

Practical use of Behaviors in Xamarin Forms

7 Jun 2017

Behaviors let you create advanced encapsulated functionality that can be reused between different views, simplyfing the app arquitecture and minimizing the level of complexity. In this post we put all these concepts into practice in a Xamarin.Forms app.

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